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Bass Lessons

Llanelli & Carmarthen

One-to-one bass lessons at Music Factory: Wales

 Llanelli & Carmarthen

Close Up View of Bass Guitar Strings

Play with Soul

Some of the most iconic basslines are the simplest ones. Take James Jamerson's intro to 'My Girl'. Once that two-note sequence is heard, we get locked into a groove that has been felt across the world.

At Music Factory Wales: Llanelli, we try and teach our students to say more with less. This is why our lessons revolve around the understanding of melody and harmony and the fundamentals of music.

We teach students about note function, how to create tension and how to resolve it.

Learn to navigate the fretboard, target notes, write your own fills and play with soul.

Drum grooves to play over at home

Creative ways of learning, practicing, and applying musical knowledge. Filmed excerpts to help with practice. On-call tutors to answer any questions throughout the week.

Guitar bridge
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