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Guitar Lessons

Llanelli & Carmarthen

One-to-one guitar lessons at Music Factory: Wales

Llanelli & Carmarthen

All ages and abilities - DBS checked

Amplifier and Guitar

"If you want to write a song, ask a guitar."
- Neil Young-

Why have so many of the greatest songs started life as a few notes on a guitar?

What we can create using a bit of wood, six strings and a bit of imagination still feels like straight-up magic. When you are playing and you find that passage of notes or that chord sequence you have been looking for, it feels as though it had always existed somewhere out there, it was just your job to work out how to find it.

This connection and intuitive nature of the instrument probably, in part, has to do with its vocal nature. It's a voice for your fingers. 

We try and teach students when playing, to be as musical as possible, and to say more with less.

Our tutors have decades of experience teaching acoustic and electric guitar in all styles ranging from classical to rock, blues to fingerstyle. 
Creative ways of learning, practicing and applying musical knowledge. Filmed excerpts to help with practice. On-call tutors to answer any questions throughout the week.

Book of Chords
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