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Vocal Coaching

Llanelli & Carmarthen

One-to-one vocal coaching at Music Factory: Wales

Llanelli & Carmarthen

All ages and abilities - DBS checked

Studio Microphone

Vocal Coaching with Aled

A new approach to learning to sing:


If you are anything like me, when you think of singing lessons, the first thing that your mind conjures up is the image of hours spent in front of a piano learning to pitch scales whilst an omnipotent singing teacher, ruler in hand, hovers over you.

Of course, I doubt any lessons are actually like that these days and things are far more relaxed but that being said, even modern singing lessons and the way that we measure someone's singing ability are modeled on pretty much the same archaic design.

Is there a better way?

Luckily, the answer is yes.

"I have always found that the best way to train your voice is through recording and analysis. That is the only way not to hold your own performance to someone else's ideals and ability. By recording a vocal take, sitting down, and listening back to your own performance, only then can you understand where there is room for improvement and where there is something that is truly unique to your own voice that should be preserved and cultivated. It's also the only way to really understand the voice that you are projecting out to the world and not the combination of your voices' internal resonance."

What does this all mean?

Ok, so basically what Aled's approach to singing lessons entails is that you throw out the rule book and stop trying to sing like 'so and so' because he/she has an incredible voice and just concentrate on making your own voice as captivating and interesting as it can possibly be. Understand the intricacies and nuances that make your voice uniquely yours and instead of trying to train these things out of your performance, completely embrace and own them.

Of course, there will be vocal exercises, structured practice for the week, a backing track to sing along to at home, lessons on understanding the fundamentals of singing/music, all these things help but ultimately the whole process is a lot of fun.

Each week you will record your chosen song, analyse and get tips on how to reach problematic notes or how to use your breathing more effectively. When you feel like you are ready, you will record your final take to which Aled will record a bespoke instrumental accompaniment to your performance which you can keep and show your friends.


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Singing Vids

Singing Vids

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